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written for our friends Grief. I try to get around this uninvited, unplanned for, unwanted guest. Press the fast forward button, hurtle over the discomfort quickly, pain pain go away. But I can’t. It’s unavoidable, around every corner, the low
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Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue…

I love riding my bike on a sunny day. I go about a hundred yards from our garage to the county road, fat bike tires spitting gravel,  my legs warming up to the exercise ahead. At the end of our
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More Novocaine PLEASE, root canal part 1

During the third week of quarantine, my tooth started aching in the spot I’d had a root canal about six or seven years ago. Every moment that went by it got worse. A throbbing in my jaw that went into
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Do You Smell What I Smell?

It was late dusk when I was driving home. Regi and I had closed up our retail shop for the night in the busy town of Jackson Hole, and as we’d driven separately that day, I looked forward to the
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It Started With a Crack, root canal part 2

By the time I showed up to the endodontist’s office the next day, the entire left side of my face ached like I’d had a fight with a baseball bat. Relief. I needed it soon, I needed it to last.
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Bean Bolognese

Bean Bolognese  serves 6 I found this recipe on a Mayo Clinic website shortly after we were getting our life back to normal after Regi had a heart attack and I needed some heathy-er options for dinnertime. It is now
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