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Category: Family

The Fruit We Leave Behind

When my grandfather died in 2012, I remember the aftermath of returning to his home and feeling the loss. The loneliness of not seeing him stand near the kitchen island frying his eggs in deep yellow olive oil, dressed in
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My backyard. The caption was Eli’s idea that he posted on Instagram. He was about to start the second semester of 8th grade, the new kid in our small town. He was still a clumsy boy, chunky in the middle,
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Cooking with Nina

The kitchen holds memories for me–I have my mom to thank for that. I remember walking in from school to something on the stove bubbling underneath the lid of the Salad Master pot that clanked incessantly with it’s ding-ding-ding-ding-ding. It
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Hardest Prayer I’ve Prayed

There are days that I ask– Why did we allow our son to go so soon? He can’t vote, can’t get a tattoo, can’t operate a meat slicer at a grocery store, can’t rent a car, can’t buy spray paint,
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Not Today, Planned Parenthood

One year ago TODAY (at 9:26 am to be exact) Sophie’s dermatologist called her with the news: your pregnancy test came back positive. (I mean, isn’t that how everyone finds out?) Every moment of the next couple weeks were difficult
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For My Son

I had to do a double take to make sure it was you. Blue eyes, I’d recognize them anywhere. Tight smile that curves to form a half moon– I’ve seen it since your kindergarten school picture. Those hands—if you were
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An Eye On Home

I was sitting on the front porch when Roxy and Sable started sniffin’ the air. Instantly the rain came at a downpour, even leaking through a few of the boards overhead. I scooped Roxy up and ran inside. Sable looked
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