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Category: Faith

Hardest Prayer I’ve Prayed

There are days that I ask, “Why did we let him join the military so soon?” He can’t vote, can’t get a tattoo, can’t operate a meat slicer at the grocery, can’t rent a car, can’t buy spray paint, can’t
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Not Today, Planned Parenthood

One year ago TODAY (at 9:26 am to be exact) Sophie’s dermatologist called her with the news: your pregnancy test came back positive. (I mean, isn’t that how everyone finds out?) Every moment of the next couple weeks were difficult
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An Eye On Home

I was sitting on the front porch when Roxy and Sable started sniffin’ the air. Instantly the rain came at a downpour, even leaking through a few of the boards overhead. I scooped Roxy up and ran inside. Sable looked
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Grace… There’s an App for That

A few years ago I got one of those pink-sherbet colored phones. What a loss when I couldn’t catch her before she took a nosedive into the pool during Eli’s swimming lesson. A few months later, my replacement phone literally
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Push-ups At the Pearly Gates

I was on the Elliptical at the YMCA, head phones jammed into my ears, pretending exercise was fun. From my peripheral, I saw the sports channel as it recapped the race where the runner from Jamaica sailed effortlessly to the
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God Has Not Left the Building

Recently I had a migraine. Often I have to take a pill, go to a quiet spot, and lie down before I find any relief. I thought I’d find that relief in my bed but no sooner did I lie
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It’s a Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

When Jesus said, “Love thy neighbor,” I never thought He meant to love the person who lives right next door. So to help Him out, I defined who my “neighbor” would be: my relatives and/or the person in my adjoining
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